Mission Statement

“Making a Difference Together”, the Leon Owens Foundation is a group of family, friends, and community members continuing the legacy of Fullerton, California, community member Mr. Leon “Jack” Owens (1933-1993).

In memory and honor of a loved one who believed strongly in family and in giving back to the community, the Leon Owens Foundation believes in reaching out to others with others for others.


NOTE: Since 1994, the Leon Owens Foundation has made a positive impact on the lives of high school and college students, as well as adults reentering school, through the provision of educational scholarships and/or educational program financial assistance. Foundation members have provided hours of community volunteer service and years of financial community assistance and support. During the Foundation’s scholarship awards program, citizens are recognized for above and beyond community service.

See Web Site Student Link for names of Scholarship Recipients

The Foundation could not be successful in community and student assistance accomplishments without the contributions of its many supporters, sponsors, donors, advertisers, volunteers, and members.

In respect for the donors who request to remain anonymous, no names are mentioned on the web site. The Foundation mails a personal thank you to those who have no opposition to acknowledgment and supporter recognition is included in the Foundation’s scholarship program and annual golf program.
The Foundation thanks, appreciates, and praises the partnerships of all who contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of so many students and community members.

Leon Owens Foundation is a 501c non profit organization.

Leon Owens Foundation is a 501c non profit organization.